Annual Inspection

The Annual Inspection for Wellington Lodge will be held on April 19th. Opening in the Master Mason Degree will begin at 6:00 PM. Any Master Mason wishing to join us for this event please contact the Worshipful Master or RWB James Heib our Deputy.

Lodge will open promptly at 6:00 PM 

Please arrive early for needed fellowship! 

NOTE: From the Grand Master’s Edict 2020-4

Lodge visitors at stated/special meetings for any color status other than specified in below sections:
o Only the degree participants, members of the Lodge, District Advisor, District Deputy Grand Masters, District Education Officers, and Grand Lodge Officers may attend stated and special meetings. No other visitors are permitted to promote social distancing, unless personally granted permission by the Worshipful Master.

All Covid-19 restrictions will be in place. Honor your brothers wishes.

See you in Lodge! 

Ronald L. Runion, Master

Wellington Lodge No. 127