Lodge and the Covid-19

These are certainly the most unusual time in our recent history. Of course our lodge survived and thrived following the pandemic of 1918. The knowledge of this history does not make our current situation any easier. I wonder how they endured not knowing what was happening in the world around them until the news made its way to Wellington. Is the constant updates about each death, each job loss, each factory closing or the good news of every family that reached out to help their neighbor. Do you suppose that there was as much criticism our government during the 1918 crisis? In this the 21st century Our Grand Master, Keith W. Newton, has issued a Dispensation to all Ohio Lodges to hold their Stated Meetings using alternative methods available. Our Lodge has chosen Zoom as the communication tool of choice and with ten (10) officers and members present, I Ronald Runion as Worshipful Master proclaimed our April stated meeting Symbolically opened in the Entered Apprentice Degree. We had great fellowship, completed some necessary business and engaged in a spirited discussion lead by our Lodge Education Officer on the subject of “Change”. Our next virtual meeting will be held on May 28th at 7:30 PM