Preparations for 2020

The Officers of Wellington Lodge are preparing for a great 2020 some of the events planed are:
Feb. 10th – Stated Meeting
Feb, 24th – Stated Meeting
March 9th – Stated Meeting
March 16th – Special, 7:00 p.m. Annual Inspection; Fellowcraft Degree
March 16th – LCBLA Mid-Century Lodge Hosting
March 23rd – Stated Meeting
April 13th – Stated Meeting
April 18th – Leadership #2 – Dover Lodge Hosting
April 25th – Special meeting, 175th Reconsecration Ceremony; Grand Master’s Reception Oberlin
April 27th – Stated Meeting
May 9th – Grand Master’s One Day Class
May 11th – Stated Meeting
May 21st – LCBLA Stonington Lodge Hosting
May 25th – Memorial Day – Stated Meeting
May 28th – Stated Meeting per By-Laws
May 30th – LCBLA Golf Outing Pheasant Run Golf Club
June 15th – Stated Meeting
June 20th – Leadership #3 East Gate Lodge Hosting
June 29th – Stated Meeting – Annual Strawberry Night open to Invited guests