Inspection Final

The Officers and Brethren of Wellington Lodge can be very proud as they stand among the best. Their inspection is over and some excerpts from the District Deputy’s Report are: “Overall the ritual work was solid and showed that it had been well-rehearsed; the Brethren present enjoyed a pleasant and effective conferral of the Entered Apprentice Degree thanks to your diligent preparations.
I am pleased to report that there are no code violations and that the single fiscal irregularity was addressed. Wellington Lodge #127 has therefore successfully passed their Inspection.
Once again I want to thank you for the hospitality extended to me, and the courtesies afforded to myself, our Grand Master, and the Brethren of the Fraternity. It will be an honor and a pleasure to work with your Lodge in the upcoming year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of any assistance!” it doesn’t get much better than that. Where can a man enjoy so much fellowship and fun.

See You in Lodge!

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